The most active period of the Austin Jug Band was 1975-1980 when it played on Guadalupe St. ("The Drag") in front of the University Co-op, across the street from the West Mall of the University of Texas. There was a crafts market area just around the corner. The AJB played on Saturday afternoons, taking advantage of the high traffic volume of the location.

During that period, the AJB attracted many fans, and placed near the top in a readers' poll of favorite bands by The Austin Sun. Besides their street busking, the band played parties and clubs, and frequently played in the Beer Garden at the Armadillo World Hqs. The AJB landed a regular spot on the weekly calendar at Spellman's, on W. 5th in the late '70s.

Over time the Drag scene changed, becoming a less welcoming place to make music. Spellman's closed. Band members became less active or drifted away entirely, other aspects of their lives becoming more demanding. Performances became steadily less frequent. The last public performance by the Austin Jug Band was at an Open House at Austin Community Gardens in 2002.

This website is intended to be a documentary resource about the history and personnel of an Austin band active in the 1970's.

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